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Form 2 Outside Interests

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Last Sunday I had a yard sale at my house. I invited Imogen, Emily, Alanna and Imaani to help. We sold lots of toys, cakes I had made and apple juice. I organised it to raise money for The Royal Marsden Hospital because my friend’s Mummy died of cancer. I was very proud to raise £197.03.


Crouch End Race

Recently, some children from Form 2 ran a 1-mile race; an impressive achievement!  Here are some of their reflections of the day! 

Before the race I felt excited and I couldn’t wait to start the race. I wanted to get to the front so I could get a better start. The horn went and I started to run. I got faster and faster. I ran for one mile, it was tiring until I finished. I was ecstatic at the end, I came 23rd out of 180 boys. To sum up, I felt exhilarated.
It was a very exciting day. I ran the race with lots of family and friends which made it lots of fun. I pushed myself so hard. I was exhausted by the end of the race. I was so focussed on running that I didn’t notice my Mummy and Daddy cheering! At the end of the race I was tired but happy with how I ran.
I felt very excited about the race. It was lots of fun. When I was sprinting back, I saw my Mum and Dad cheering at the finish line! At the end, I got a gold medal which I am very proud of.
Before the race, I felt very excited. It was a great day. In the middle of the race, I really wanted to get to the finish line and my legs felt very tired! At the end of the race, I got a gold medal and a delicious doughnut.
I found it quite challenging and tiring. It was very loud because everyone was cheering for us. It was a very hot day. I felt very tired at the end when I crossed the finish line but I was also very proud!


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