☰ Form 2 Roman Focus Day - Tuesday 4th November

Form 2 Roman Focus Day - Tuesday 4th November

Posted on: November 14th 2014 | Category: Year 2

A huge thank you to all parents in Form 2 for providing the fantastic Roman costumes and authentic Roman food that contributed towards our Roman focus day being such a success!
Pupils began the day by imagining that they were real Roman soldiers about to take part in their final battle, writing letters to their families in Rome. They used their empathy skills to imagine how a soldier might have felt, as Leonard (2S) wrote:
‘I am scared because I might be killed, however I am also excited because we might win and I can go back to my family.’
After fitness training (break time) and before our pre-battle feast (lunch), pupils enjoyed a discussion about the Roman invasion and debated whether or not the Roman invaders were ‘good’ or not, justifying their opinions. We then learnt about Roman numerals, after one pupil stated, ‘but the Romans didn’t do maths!’
After a hearty (and authentic) Roman feast of bread, sausages and olives (our thanks also go to everyone in the kitchen for putting on this themed meal!), pupils went through rigorous training in preparation for battle. Using their Roman shield replicas from history in previous weeks, they worked as a team to go into the defensive ‘Tortoise’ shield formation.
After the ‘battle’, pupils celebrated by listening to Roman music and enjoying a feast of fresh figs, spelt bread, grapes, olives, apples, cherries and other Roman treats, all washed down with a refreshing cup of grape juice.
Finally, with the battle won and 25 years served, the soldiers were able to return to their families and go home. Vade en pace!

By Mr Smith

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