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Form 4 Outside Interests

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Hello my name is Casper and I have been playing the French horn for at least a year now. I started prepping for Grade 1 a month ago and am now doing all the pieces that I need to know for my test as well as some other pieces.

I have chosen this instrument because I think it stands out from all of the other instruments. I also find the notes quite smooth unlike the trumpet which makes a very loud noise! I also chose it because it looks very unique and small.

So far I know the notes: a b c d d# e f f# g g# a b b# c which are all the notes you need to know for Grade 1. All of these notes make me feel challenged.

I practice 20 minutes a day and have lessons on Tuesday or sometimes Friday.

My new hobby is playing my French horn!


Hi, my name is Daisy, and I play the piano.

I have chosen to play the piano because I like the sounds and the tune it makes . I have my lessons every Tuesday and practice 5 times a week for around an hour. I am prepping for Grade One by practicing sight reading and playing whenever I can. I find piano quite challenging and that's something I like about it. It makes me want to try harder and achieve more.

When I have nothing to do I go to my room and play fluently. It's nice and peaceful and it makes me forget about all my worries but instead of saying it, I play it. I play while my dinner is being prepared, while I run a bath, when I get up and when I go to bed.

Don't you think the piano is peaceful?

I like sharing my piano playing to family, friends and relatives.

When my parents applaud me I feel proud of what I've done and know all the hard work I put in to becoming a great player will pay off.

I am happy I have chosen to play the piano.  I am very passionate about it.

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