☰ Form 6 - Moving On

Form 6 - Moving On

Posted on: July 3rd 2015 | Category:

Moving On
I am going to Francis Holland. I am looking forward to making new friends. I am not looking forward to the homework. I will feel a little nervous and excited at the same time. I will miss all the good times I have had at Norfolk House and I will treasure the good memories I have. I can’t wait till I get to travel on my own because it’s a lot of responsibility!  

By Tilika Murray-Patel  

I am going to city of London. I am looking forward to starting a bigger school and meeting new people. I think, on the first day and the night before I will be really excited but also a bit nervous. I am not looking forward to the homework and I will miss the teachers at Norfolk house.

By Sonny Fugler-Hegarty

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