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As you may know there is a huge population in the world, to be precise it is 7.125 billion (2013). However, not all of the people are healthy, have a shelter or food; sadly, there are less-fortunate ones who can’t enjoy a lovely meal, have a good education and sleep in a cosy, snuggly bed. Instead they sleep on streets and scavenge through bins and other areas hoping to find any traces of food. But luckily, there are fortunate people who can afford supplies and things to keep them healthy and living.

So at Harvest time we think about the less-fortunate people and donate food or money to soup kitchens or other associations to prevent people from starving. This year at Norfolk House School’s Harvest Festival we donated food which was given to the Muswell Hill soup kitchen (where every year Form 5 goes to visit and help prepare the food). The reason it was handed over to the soup kitchen (and not to us to nibble on) is because every week, from Sunday to Thursday it cooks for the homeless and less-fortunate people who can come and have a hot meal there. Your donations allow the soup kitchen to cook delicious food and help those people to survive.

Thank you for your donations.

By Maria Redko

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