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Hello, this is Marissa and Elliot, and here is our latest blog

There have been many things that have happened in the last term, and even more events that we are looking forward to soon in our final term at Norfolk House.

First let’s start with some good news for the Form 6. As most parents and teachers know, last term, all of the Form 6 children took their 11+ exams, and they went through a pressured and tense period of time, going off to exams and then interviews, and having to wait afterwards was the most tense part of them all. The waiting. Although the exams sound pressurised and scary, all of the children coped with the feeling, and have all come through with brilliant results. Everyone got into their first or second choice schools, and all deserve the success!

Next we will move onto the events that took place last term: Form 3 and 4 Creative Curriculum where there was Yoga, Street Dance and other musical performances such as piano, violin and singing, as well as the Easter Concert, organised by Miss Graham and Mrs Regan. This involved performances from Junior Prep, the Ensemble, Senior Choir and some individuals.

Junior Prep performed a short play and the other acts were all musical.

Onto school trips: in Spring term we had many exciting school trips.

In Reception they visited Kew Gardens

In Pre-prep they visited London Zoo for their study on animals

In Form 3 they visited the Roald Dahl Museum for their English topic, Roald Dahl

In Form 4 they visited the Tower of London for their History topic

Form 6 visited the RAF Museum for their WWII projects

In Forms 5 and 6 they also had an animation workshop, which involved them making the characters and then taking the pictures to eventually put into a short movie.

For the National Science week the theme was space. We all focused on Personal Space and looked at the features of toothpaste and attempted to make our own in groups using corn flour, water, glycerine, and then food colouring and either coconut or vanilla flavouring as an additional (and optional) item.

Onto the sporting side of these events.

We have taken part in 5 ISA tournaments and have one more to look forward to in the summer term.

We had our Under 11s Football ISA tournament where we tried our hardest and had fun! We also had our first Under 7s Football ISA where our Form 2 team gave it their all and enjoyed themselves, coming 3rd out of all the ISA regional schools!

There was also the Under 11s Netball ISA tournament, where we came an amazing 3rd in our pool.

We showed excellent team spirit and worked as hard as we could - it was a great event!

Our Cross country team went to compete in the Cross Country ISA as well as a number of cross country tournaments, including our own one hosted at Aldenham and tried their hardest, doing very well, after all of the training they had done with Mr Jowett, Miss Harman and Mrs Embleton

Lastly our mighty Chess team went to St. Andrews to compete in the 42nd Annual Chess Tournament hosted by Norfolk House and won, returning with a smile in their faces and knowing they enjoyed it - and with their name on the trophy for the first time in 23 years!

There were many special events taking place and there are still more to come - by the time you read this, we will have had our exciting Night at the Museum event!

Already this term:

The Form 6s have had a Young Enterprise session to start their experience in business and will be competing, in their two ‘companies’. They were split into two groups, all were given a Head of Manager; for example, Finance Manager, Events Manager, Production Manager and so on. The next two months is a competition of who can make the most profit at the summer fair.

There was an Art Competition for all ages, organised by members of Student Council.

The entries were all amazing and there was a wide range of forms of art. Look out for the results in our celebration corner!

In preparation for the Night at the Museum event, we held an exciting history focus week where all our learning was planned around the periods in history we were studying. We had everything from the dinosaur era to the Queen’s birthday and Tim Peake in Space, as well as exciting opportunities to put forward perspectives in our debates on World War II and in the trial of King Charles I!! We hope you enjoyed attending the event.

We still have lots to look forward to, such as…

More school trips like the Floating Classroom, PGL for Form 4, The Form 5 and 6 French trip, the ISA rounder tournament, our first school cricket fixtures, The Summer Fayre and the Senior Prep Play of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, re-named as A Bucket Full of Dreams to mention but a few! It’s going to be a busy last term for us at Norfolk House!

We are both looking forward to these events, and also hope everyone has a good Summer Term.

Best wishes,

Marissa and Elliot.

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