☰ Is Private School Worth It?

Is Private School Worth It?

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Where to begin your child's education - it is such a pivotal decision and there are so many factors to consider when choosing the right school: the distance from home, the facilities on offer, the choice of after school clubs, to name just a few. But cost, affordability and value for money should also be carefully considered, especially in the current economic climate.

Private schools can be more affordable than you think

Annual fees at independent schools can vary from £12,000 to £40,000 depending on region, whether the school is primary or secondary, boarding or day. In 2022, the average termly fee for private day schools in the UK was £5218.

Here at Norfolk House, we are proud to offer children an exceptional education in the heart of North London for significantly less than the national average financial commitment.

Are private schools worth the cost?

When making the crucial decision on where to educate your child, it is important you get the most value for your money and the school that optimises your child's chances for future success. 

Compared to most state-maintained schools, children educated in the independent sector are able to receive more individualised attention from teachers, due to the significantly smaller class sizes. Independent schools also have the flexibility to deliver a tailored and innovative curriculum that surpasses the national curriculum, with subjects that might include Philosophy, Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning and Latin. Subject-specialist teachers delivering lessons such as music, art and languages is another great advantage and a significant difference from the typical state primary school or academy, in which class teachers are often left to deliver these aspects of the curriculum. 

The outstanding quality of education in the independent sector is often complemented by the extensive enrichment opportunities and extra-curricular activities on offer. This contrasts markedly with the state sector. At Norfolk House, children have the opportunity to participate in activities such as cross country, chess, debating, ballet, a range of modern languages, fine art and culinary clubs. As well as drawing on the expertise of the staff, we also engage external specialist providers to bolster and further diversify the choice available to pupils.

When weighing up their options, some parents neglect to consider the  ‘hidden’ charges that can be incurred when sending their child to state school. Due to larger class sizes and a slower-paced curriculum, some children in the state sector risk falling behind or not being optimally ‘stretched’, resulting in many parents finding they need to meet the cost of employing tutors to supplement their child's learning.

How does Norfolk House compare?

 State Primary SchoolsLocal all-through Independent SchoolsNorfolk House
Class Size30-3522-2414 - 16
Catchment Area?YesNoNo
Adult to Pupil Ratio1:151:11Max 1:8
Specialist TeachersSometimesYesYes
SATs examsYesNoNo
Cost per Term£0*Approx £7000£4935

*Financial contributions are increasingly requested by state primary schools

How can I manage the school fees?

We offer an interest-free monthly payment scheme, which can allow for easier budgeting and help make payments more manageable for parents.  The fees for each term are split into three equal installments and paid during the first three months of the term. For families with more than one child, each younger sibling receives a 10% discount on their fees. We also accept childcare vouchers.


State primary schools do an excellent job with the resources available, but are always constrained by the need to cater to such a large number of pupils and a wide range of achievement levels. 

Meanwhile, all-through independent schools offer the advantages you would expect (specialist staff, better facilities, etc) but are costly, competitive for entry, often prioritise the needs of older (secondary) students over and above the prep/primary age group, and still have relatively large class sizes.

Norfolk House offers the most personalised pupil experience, with class sizes that are half those in a state primary school and a team of specialised, dedicated and caring staff that know and value every pupil as an individual. For all these reasons and more, we believe that our school’s offer represents unparalleled value for money.

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