☰ Junior Prep Football v Gatehouse

Junior Prep Football v Gatehouse

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Junior Prep Football Report

The school we played was called Gatehouse. Our team was: Daisy, Lola T, Lola M, Sophie, Iselle, Bibi and Honor. The positions were: Lola T and Honor were defenders, Iselle was goalie, Daisy and Sophie were attackers and Bibi and Lola M were substitutes. We all got a turn on the pitch. All of us enjoyed playing the match.

This was the first ever match but sadly Gatehouse scored first. Just then Daisy North scored a goal for us. We were really nervous while we were playing. The final score was 1 all.    

By Honor, Daisy & Sophie    


On Thursday 2nd February 2017 the Norfolk House football team played a match against Gatehouse boys team. Everybody was very excited and when we got to Gatehouse we were shouting and screaming to get out of the minibus. We watched the girls match first and it was brilliant and then our match started and we all walked onto the pitch very proud. We got the kick off and Akash passed it to Jacob and the match started. The other team started scoring 1-0 and again 2-0 and again 3-0 and again. The other team were winning 4-0 but we got struck with luck when Oskar scored a penalty and the comeback began! We scored again 2 minutes later. We came back from 4-0 down to 4-4 and then Akash scored an amazing goal to make it 5-4 up but the unlucky times came back to haunt us once again and they scored to make it 5-5. Then the ref blew the whistle and it was over. In the dying seconds Gatehouse had nearly scored but hit the post but at least it didn’t go in.

By Sidney Embleton                                         


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