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Posted on: November 4th 2016 | Category:

Junior Prep have had a fantastic half term of sport, with boys and girls working together in netball and rugby for the first time!

Form 2 now have netball on the school playground, using our newly-purchased nets with adjustable heights! We have been learning chest passes (out-roll-push), bounce passes, shoulder passes, evading defenders, and shooting technique and accuracy. Form 3 play off-site on full netball courts, and play full games with match rules and skills the foci. The introduction of rules, like the 3 second rule and pivoting, build on key skills learnt in Form 2. Teachers and children all feedback that they're loving their lessons!

At rugby, Forms 2 and 3 have learnt and revised the '6 o'clock' pass and side pass ('swing low') and are now playing 'Rugby Netball', a game where the children must not move with the ball, but find their teammates in space and pass to them. As a team they move towards the tryline and are scoring tries!

It's been a great start to sport for this year in Junior Prep!

Emily Patten

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