☰ Maths Masterclass at Norfolk House - Pip Jordan

Maths Masterclass at Norfolk House - Pip Jordan

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Anna, Jaymin, William, Max and I were selected to go to a special workshop on Sierpinski Tetrahedrons. This event was run by Norfolk House in Conjunction with the Royal Institute and a number of other local schools were invited to participate too. Here are some things we did, but first of all, what is a Sierpinski Tetrahedron?     
What is a Sierpinski Tetrahedron?      

A Tetrahedron is a picture which can go on forever as it gradually gets larger and larger. A Polish man called Waclaw Sierpinski was working on this but in 1939, he was put in a concentration camp by the Nazis and all of his work was destroyed. But that didn’t stop him. As soon as he was released, he showed the world his new invention. Here is a picture of one.     

A 3D Sierpinski Tetrahedron           

First of all, we were taught how to make triangular based pyramids out of sheets of paper. Next we taped a pyramid on top of the edges of the three pyramids below, we created four of those and did the same thing again. You can do this again and again and again. We were also told many stories about things that had happened in the past involving maths. There was also a boy from a school called Rhodes Avenue who was very good at maths and knew the answers to all the questions! We made Sierpinski Tetrahedrons out of balloons and string as well. In the summer there shall hopefully be a science lecture also by the Royal Institution.      


By Pip Jordan

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