☰ Meeting David Cameron

Meeting David Cameron

Posted on: December 12th 2014 | Category:

On Monday 8th December, Beau and I went to 10 Downing Street with my mum, dad and older brother Rudi.

We had been invited because my grandfather, Bryan Fugler, set up a charity called www.justrifles.co.uk. His friend, Lawerence Keogh, had a son, Thomas Keogh, who fought and was killed in Afghanistan. He set the charity up in honour of him. The charity helps injured riflemen get the things they need to rehabilitate them.

It was extremely exciting to have a look around 10 Downing Street. Once inside we were taken up the grand staircase and saw paintings of all the previous prime ministers . We were taken to a massive room where we could help ourselves to food and drinks.

After a while David Cameron entered the room and went to have a chat with each group of people. He asked me how old I was and where I went to school. Beau had a great chat about school dinners with the PM (!!) and how much he likes Norfolk House School. 
This was a day I’ll never forget!

By Sonny Fugler-Hegarty

Today we went to 10 Downing Street to see the PM. We met the police and then we went in the house and saw a beautiful shining Christmas tree. We had a wonderful conversation, I told David Cameron about Norfolk House School.

By Beau Fugler-Hegarty

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