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Posted on: May 6th 2016 | Category:

I am so proud of the teachers at our school. They are incredible at taking things in their stride and when the work piles up, deadlines are looming and the pressure is on, they maintain an unfailingly positive and professional attitude. This was plain to see during the last three days whilst Norfolk House and Montessori House Nursery went through our annual School Development Review (SDR).

An SDR is a rigorous process operated by Bellevue to monitor and assess the quality of academic and pastoral provision offered by schools within the group. Teams of teachers from other Bellevue schools comprised of Senior Leaders and teachers, with particular areas of expertise, visit a school to review the teaching and learning, development of pupils and effectiveness of staff. This is achieved by watching lessons, looking at children's work, talking to children and interviewing staff.  

Yesterday the Senior Leadership Team received feedback from the visiting team leader (a current Bellevue Head Teacher who is also an experienced ISI inspector). The team described our school as a 'lovely' school with high standards of teaching and learning throughout every year of the school, without exception, which enable all children to make excellent progress. They made special mention of the children's impeccable behaviour and attitude to learning, saying that they are very respectful and happy to be at school. The school focus on formative assessment has been very successful with children across the school showing a clear understanding of what they are learning and how to be successful and teachers ensuring that lessons are effectively differentiated to challenge all learners. The achievement of children in all year groups was described as 'phenomenal' in relation to their age and the environment for learning created by staff was described as relaxed yet rigorous and the children impressed with their focus and eagerness to learn.

The SDR team witnessed a normal week at our school and it is no surprise that they gave such fantastic feedback. We are so fortunate to have an outstanding team of committed teachers and such wonderful children. Well done to all our staff and pupils and I hope you enjoy your well-deserved weekend.

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