☰ Norfolk House 42nd Annual Chess Tournament

Norfolk House 42nd Annual Chess Tournament

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Below are our scores:
A team

3 ½ -½ to us against Heathside. We were in a good position to start.
3-1 to us against Lochinver.
1 ½ - 2 ½ to Hereward House

B team
At first they played heathside and beat them 3 ½ to ½!
Then they drew 2-2 against Tetherdown.
The same score against Lochinver!
In their last match they faced Heathside and lost 1 ½ to 2 ½ with closely played matches.

Now to the most tense bit of it all… The scores. Final scores.

Norfolk House A = 1st place
Hereward House = 2nd place
Norfolk House B= 3rd place
Lochinver House = 4th place
Tetherdown = 5th place
Heathside = 6th place

This was the first time Norfolk House has won the shield in our own tournament for more than 23 years!! I hope this is the beginning of many tournament wins to come. The B team coming third is also AMAZING!!

Oliver C.

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