☰ Norfolk House Pupils’ Outside Interests and Achievements - Form 6

Norfolk House Pupils’ Outside Interests and Achievements - Form 6

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My name’s Fredric and I’m in Form 6. One of the things that I like to do outside of school and which helps me with my learning is a Book Club that happens every month at the Children’s bookshop (a local bookshop for kids in Muswell Hill). It is the first Saturday of the month and it gives us a chance to read a different series of books each time. We then discuss the previous book that we have read and these are quite challenging stories, such as: Lilly and Jake, The Unicorn Files, First Light.

I really enjoy this because it allows me to find different authors that I didn’t know of before and helps me to think more about the way I look at books and not just to read them. It also helps me in school because I can then use the vocabulary I learn in the books in my own writing! 

By Fredric Hirsig

My name’s Maria and I am also in Form 6. I’m pretty musical and enjoy singing and playing the saxophone. I have been singing for one and a half years and I recently passed my Grade 5 singing exam – which is pretty good in such a short time! In school, I sing in the school Senior Choir, the music Ensemble and have performed recently at the Barbican.

In my spare time, I have also been learning to play the alto saxophone – I’ve been playing this for just under a year and I am now about to start my grade 3. Last summer, my sax teacher told me that if I practised hard enough, I could perform at the school’s House Music competition. I practised Scarboro’ Fayre all the time until I perfected it so that I could play at the competition and I actually won it!

I enjoy the challenge of developing my understanding of the saxophone and performing in front of an audience.

By Maria Sophocli

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