☰ Parent Visitors speak to Form 6

Parent Visitors speak to Form 6

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On Monday 26th January, Form 6 was lucky enough to have a Norfolk House parent, Paola Pedarzani, visit us to speak about the wonders of the brain. 

Paola, a neuroscientist who works at University College London, shared a lot of information with us including the parts of the brain responsible for different functions.  We were amazed to discover just how much information our brains process all the time (even though we don’t realise it), such as the feeling of our clothes on our skin!

As well as hearing about Paola’s fascinating work as a scientist, we also had the chance to experience the artistic side of neuroscience by creating pasta neurons.  We tried hard to include all the elements of a neuron including dendrites, nucleus, cell body, myelin, axon and the synaptic terminal. 

We are so grateful to Paola and thank her for giving up her time again and for inspiring Form 6 to consider pursuing a career in the field of science.

Mrs Cannon



On Thursday 29th January Mr Irvine came into Form 6 to speak about achievement. He did various activities that encouraged the children to work as part of a team and to gain the understanding that in a team, everyone has a part to play. He said that nothing was impossible and that if we believed in ourselves then we could achieve our goals. Mr Irvine emphasised that it is important to think outside the box in order to overcome our difficulties.

The children worked together in order to balance twenty nails on one nail and in another activity for all the children to be balanced on one A3 sheet of paper.

All the children felt that their growth mind set was not limited by their own assumptions and that each glass was half full and not half empty. A very thought provoking afternoon was enjoyed by all the children.

Many thanks Mr Irvine for your life coaching skills vividly passed onto Form 6.

Mr Ashton

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