☰ Pupils' Outside Interests and Achievements - Pre Prep

Pupils' Outside Interests and Achievements - Pre Prep

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Hi, my name is Millie and I would like to tell you about the things I do out of school. These are tap, ballet and gymnastics.

Gymnastics – Just before Santa came to my house I had a competition and I came 3rd out of 25 people in my club. I felt so happy and proud.

Ballet & Tap – Before Easter I am going to be in a dance show. I will be a snowflake in the ballet dance and a clown in tap! I can’t wait!

By Millie PPG

Every Tuesday I do Tap at NLPAC in Muswell Hill. It lasts for one hour and my teacher is Miss Ruth. We wear a bluebell coloured leotard with a pretty skirt and pink tights. Our tap shoes can be silver or black.  I would love to be as good as Miss Ruth when I am older.

I have been doing Tap for 1 year and ballet for 2 years. I like Tap best as lots of my friends do it but my mummy thinks I am a beautiful ballerina too!

I really love my Tap lessons because my teacher is really nice and kind. She teaches us small routines which use the Tap steps we know. Once a year, we do a show with NLPAC for the parents and grandparents to watch. It is a fun day as we get to stay backstage with all the older children. Also we get our hair done in lovely plaits with ribbons and get to wear beautiful costumes.
I did my Primary Tap exam last year and I got a merit. We got a certificate and a big hug from Miss Ruth. 
By Sophia PPB
My name is Sasha and I am in Pre-Prep. I have been learning the violin for one year now. My teacher is called Mr Brodie and he teaches me twice a week in school. He is a kind teacher and he helps me to play well. I am working towards my grade one exam this summer.
I enjoy playing the violin because it is fun and I really want to get better and better. It is quite hard to play because you have to put your finger in just the right place to make the correct sound.
I am looking forward to passing my exam and catching up to my brother who is on grade 5.
By Sasha PPB

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