☰ Read all about our Sports and Chess fixtures here

Read all about our Sports and Chess fixtures here

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Can you think of a better way to end the Autumn half term than with an Interhouse Netball Competition? While there were rumours of rain after a week of continuous downpours, it ended up being a beautiful autumn afternoon on Friday, 24th October as the Norfolk House girls headed over to Broomfield Park for the competition. Several parents and siblings attended the matches and there was a lively, joyful feel in the air as Clive and Nelson started off the first match. Throughout all the matches Form 5 and 6 girls patiently guided the Form 3 and 4 girls, assisting them to their correct positions and gently reminding them of the rules. It was wonderful to see all the girls working together. Clive dominated the first match, scoring 2 points in the first half and 3 points in the second half, followed by a win by Wellington against Nelson in the second match. Whilst Wellington controlled the first half of the final match vs. Clive, scoring 3 points, Clive’s defense held on strong in the second half allowing no additional points to be scored. Wellington won the competition with a total of 9 points, with Maria S. of Form 6 scoring the majority of the points. Form 2 girls joined to watch the final match and all the girls shared a “tea” together. The event was a huge success!

By Miss Clark


Netball match vs Maple Walk
On Friday 17th October 2014, we hosted a netball match against Maple Walk; the girls had an outstanding match and we maintained our winning streak.  We put on a fantastic performance and took an early lead and maintained our strong winning position throughout the game.  The results below show how well we dominated each quarter.
First quarter= 3-2 (NH)
Second quarter=5-2(NH)
Third quarter=8-5(NH)
Fourth quarter=9-6(NH)
The Norfolk House Netball Team enjoyed themselves tremendously and we had a lovely refreshment of hula hoops and orange juice. Well done NH Netball Team!
By Charlotte Chan


Rugby report

Norfolk house boys played their first Tag Rugby match of the season against Maple Walk School on 24th October.
The Year 6 team won their match 15-8 in a fun and entertaining encounter against strong opposition. The boys tackled with great enthusiasm and demonstrated great pace in all positions.
The Year 5 team drew their match 8-8 in a thrilling end to end game. The two teams were very evenly matched, which made for a really exciting game to watch.
All the boys in both teams performed to a very high standard, especially considering it was our first fixture. They displayed great team spirit and sportsmanship.

Tony Holt


Chess Fixture
Lochinver v NH
12th November 2014
NH 7 - Lochinver 3
Well done to our chess team who travelled to Lochinver to play on Wednesday afternoon. They played very well and were a credit to the school. They also enjoyed a lovely tea with their opponents before returning to school! Many thanks go to Stephen Sharland for organising and Mrs Mardell and Mrs Pakkos for transporting and accompanying the pupils. 

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