☰ Rugby vs King Alfred 13th November

Rugby vs King Alfred 13th November

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Last Friday, we were lucky enough to be invited to King Alfred School to participate in a small rugby tournament.  It started off a cold and wet day so we were pleased that by the afternoon, the rain had stopped and were told the tournament would go ahead.  We played 4 games against King Alfred as well as Heathside School.  The boys put all their energy and effort into both defending and scoring and we scored some fantastic tries.
We had a great time playing against two strong teams and all the boys played fantastically well.  Unfortunately, although the final scores were close, our team lost.  But we can’t always win, can we?  We will learn from our defeat and work harder as a team by making sure we talk to each other on the pitch and keep a strong attacking and defending line.  
I want to congratulate my team - Elliot Forrest, Bruno Varney, Daniel Canwell, Ben Jeckel, Ben Ellison and Jaymin Murray Patel for brilliant team work. I know you all played your best, but we were just unlucky.  We know we can win next time!
By Oliver Chan

Team 1:
As we jogged to the pitch Mr Ashton and Ms Gormley  cheered us on , the team raring to play.
We stood in a sturdy line, waiting for the whistle to blow and without hesitation he did. The team ran at the opposition , hungry for the ball and dying for a try.  Halfway through the match the team where winning by 1 try, still hoping for another and they did! In 3mins we had scored 2 tries . The whistle blew and the final score was 4 – 3 to us.  Out of  the next 3 matches we won  all of them but in the last match we drew. After that we celebrated and drove back to school.    
By Ewan Brocklesby

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