☰ The importance of your child's first three years at school

The importance of your child's first three years at school

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The quality of a child's education undoubtedly has a lasting impact on the rest of their life. But how important are their first three years at school?

A child's early years are the foundation for their future development, providing a solid base for lifelong learning abilities, including cognitive and social development. The quality of a child’s education in the first few years of life has a lasting effect on their school life and beyond.

90% of a child's brain develops by age 5. Research shows that the brain connections required for many critical higher-level abilities form during this time. This scientific consensus is supported by a recent report from the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood, led by the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton, who considers it the most pivotal age for development, future health and happiness.

Many educators, including our early years specialists, agree with this philosophy and that nursery and reception are the ideal time to start a challenging, accelerated curriculum. The reason is that younger minds learn much faster.

However, in a recent study by the Royal Foundation, it was noted that a significant proportion of UK parents of a 0-5-year-old (69%) underestimate the critical importance of the early years.

Positive experiences in your child's first three years of school can benefit them in developing social skills and their ability to learn, which will set them up for life. 

Our Early Years specialist and Deputy Head, Helen Enisuoh, comments:

“At Norfolk House School, we have massively invested in our early years department resources and staff development to ensure we are maintaining the very best standards for our children. We aim to create a play-based, engaging environment where children can feel safe as they learn. This all starts with our induction process, which gives both pupil and parents the opportunity to settle into the school smoothly.”

Young children learn best from direct experiences and activities which interest them and start from their existing knowledge and experience. The actions we offer at Norfolk House are richly inspiring and linked by challenges, social interaction and active participation.

As a private school and nursery, our underpinning philosophy is to ensure all children have high levels of adult engagement to scaffold children’s play-based learning and when teaching children directly. For the size of our classes, we have double the number of qualified Teachers than local primary schools and, in comparison to day nurseries, twice as many staff to give all children the adult attention they need. 

To find out more, visit our early years page. You can also get access to a virtual tour by completing the form here.







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