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On Saturday 25th of June was the day of the Summer Fayre and also the big day of the Young Enterprise initiative for both FYS and Custom and Me but we are both writing from FYS’s perspective.

We had been preparing for weeks, every Monday and Friday we would meet up and discuss our stall and products, and after we were given money, we began to order resources. A week before the Summer Fayre we began making products such as Hama bead keyrings, cork bottle necklaces and loom bands. FYS faced a lot of problems like disagreeing in our team and not having our products delivered in time but we all worked hard in and out of school to make the summer fayre a success for Find Your Style. 

Then the day came and we all arrived early at the Summer Fayre and we set up our stall under the gazebo and laid out all of our products and hung up the pre ordered keyrings. We also were in charge of the treasure map this year, and we added our own style to the map. People started coming to have a look at our stall and we can definitely agree the cork bottles were a big success as they sold out quite quickly, as well as our keyrings. We sold almost all of our products, apart from a few loom bands that weren't bought. We got a lot of entries for the treasure map, and we had some good prizes for the winners. All of FYS worked hard to make our stall impressive and a big success. 

We worked as a team which definitely made a difference on the day, we solved any problems between us, and we helped each other with setting and clearing away the stall as well as going round advertising our products.

Overall we think the day was a big hit, it was an enjoyable day for all of us, and it was exciting to see what it was like to run a business.

By Marrisa Forbes and Elliot Forrest



This is Eleanor and Leela, Sales and events manager for custom and me. About a month ago, we had a visit from Rez, who explained our task and gave us some helpful hints on how to run a business. We were split into 2 groups . Their names were Custom and Me and Find Your Style (FYS). Over the next few weeks, we worked hard to create posters, bid at Dragons Den to secure funding from Ms Habgood and Mr Jowett, by presenting our ideas and sales plan, order materials and decorations for our stall and talk to FONH (friends of Norfolk House School) about where we wanted our stall to be put at the summer fayre. 

On Saturday 25th June the two young enterprise groups set up their stalls in the playground. The members of Custom and Me arrived at 10am to set up and decorate their stall. People started arriving at 12, and Custom and Me were ready to sell their pillowcases, pencil cases, the Feeding  Mr A game and Photo Booth. We got a lot of people coming to feed Mr A and made a good amount of money out of it. It was hard to choose a place to put our stall, because it was raining, and we didn’t want our handmade items and material to get wet. In the end, we set up in the corner of the playground under a gazebo. Custom and Me had a lot of teamwork which was one of the things that made and a lot it easier to sell really well . I think we did really well in selling our items and are very proud of our business skills!

If we  were to  do that again we would have ordered the materials earlier to ensure they arrived in time to make the products. (Some of our materials arrived late)

It was a really enjoyable experience to see how companies are run and what profits,loans, break even and revenue are. (Thanks to Mr Jowett!). 

                                                        Young Enterprise - the results…!
At the summer fair on Saturday 25th June the Young Enterprise Scheme reached its conclusion. It was the day when both “Find Your Style” and “Custom + Me” would attempt to fulfil their sales targets.
Sales were constant during the period of 12pm to 2pm. All workers, on both stalls, worked extremely hard and as a result reached the following figures:
Find  Your Style= £308.50   -£90(outgoings)  £218.50(profit)
Custom + Me= £297.50  -£90   £207.50(profit)
                    Final Profit= £426.00
The whole experience of young enterprise was interesting, fulfilling and rewarding. We have learnt a lot about how to run a business and working as a team.

By form 6

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