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The creative arts are a very important part of the curriculum throughout the school.


Art is a real strength at the school, with pupils producing exciting and innovative work in the Senior Prep. Pupils in Senior Prep enjoy weekly art lessons, building on what they have learned further down the school.

Pupils consolidate and extend their understanding and skills in visual elements: line, tone, colour, pattern, space, texture, form. They also experience a wide range of materials in two and three dimensions and learn how to apply them using various techniques and processes. Pupils also work in a range of tactile media and produce collaborative and independent projects.


Drama is encompassed throughout the curriculum for older pupils. All Senior Prep pupils take part in regular assembly performances and in an exciting end of year production. The end of year performance has become an extravaganza, year on year. 


In Senior Prep, our pupils learn to create more complex compositions, musical notation and explore musical textures and timbres. They are exposed to a range of musical styles and traditions as well as using IT to explore music and music making, including using programs like Garage Band. Children in Senior Prep are also invited to audition for the school choir, who come together weekly to learn new songs and improve their skills. We also have a Senior Choir and Senior Ensemble group, as well as opportunities for performance in concerts and our annual House Music Competition, which sees our musicians perform at a promising standard.

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