☰ The 11+ Journey

The 11+ Journey

Posted on: February 11th 2021

At this time of year, our Form 6 children and their families are eagerly awaiting their offers from a range of outstanding senior schools. Under normal circumstances the 11+ route demands great ambition and resilience from children, however, this year has required even more resolve. I am so proud of the way in which the children have adapted to multiple changes in exams, both in content and format, and managed to stand out during online interviews. 

The teachers in the prep team have had to constantly vary their preparation for exams and interviews to ensure the children feel confident to do their best at a time where children's mental health is at an all time low. Children have had multiple opportunities to develop their online interview technique and it has been brilliant to see how they have responded to feedback and come back stronger each time; something I have very much enjoyed being a part of. Our educational philosophy that permeates all aspects of Norfolk House is to focus on the process and let the results take care of themselves. Our focus has been to ensure the children stayed on track with their learning, in spite of the multiple lockdowns and disruption over the last year, and to work with parents to help the children be ready academically and emotionally to rise to the challenge.  

Early indications from the senior schools show that Norfolk House pupils have had an absolutely fantastic year. The collaboration between pupil, teacher and parent is a real strength of our school community and this has been even more crucial this year during the 11+ process. I look forward to sharing the final results with you after the half term break, but for now, I want to thank the teachers for their outstanding provision, support and guidance over the last two terms and the parents for their trust throughout the process. Well done to all the Form 6 children for their brilliant attitude and exceptional effort, we are very proud of you!

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