☰ Bushcraft Updates 2013

Bushcraft Updates 2013

Posted on: June 27th 2013

Final Bushcraft Update: 24th May 12:30pmAfter learning how to set forest traps in their bush craft competition, the children are now hunting treasure in their final activity before having lunch and setting off around 2:15/2:30 (by the time they get all that luggage on the coach!)

Bushcraft Update: 24th May 11am

The staff and children woke up around 7 this morning to sunshine and rain. The children all packed before breakfast and are currently doing their bush craft competition. ETA home 5pm, although we will keep in touch with the staff and let you know if there are any severe delays.

Bushcraft Update: 23rd May 10:30pm

Mr Ashton reported at 8pm that a huge salmon was being cooked on an open fire for dinner. The children were said to be 'all very happy and contented, despite the weather'.

We're all looking forward to seeing them tomorrow and hearing about their adventures! I'm sure you're all going to welcome home very tired, but excited children!

Bushcraft Update: 23rd May 4:30pm

The children are just finishing off their archery session and have also been orienteering. Apparently, tonight, they have 'Tribe's got Talent'... hmmm... hope the teachers get lots of pictures of that to bring back! (signal hasn't improved, so mostly texts coming through)The weather has been a mixture of sunshine and showers today, which has added to the outdoor fun, and lunch was a delicious 'jungle curry'.

The children have been offered showers this evening (I'm wondering if that means they haven't showered until now...?) and Miss Williamson is in desperate need of chocolate, according to reports!

One more night! We're all looking forward to seeing them back tomorrow, with lots of tales to tell!


Bushcraft Update: 23rd May 7:30am

The children woke up at a more sociable 7am this morning after a hectic day, yesterday! All are having a fab time and the weather is good. Archery and filleting fish to look forward to, today! The children are very much enjoying the outdoors.

(Mr Ashton)

Bushcraft Update: 22nd May 8:30pm

All is well; the children have had a great day and are all exhausted, so should sleep well - we hope! (Miss Seacrest)

Bushcraft Update: 22nd May 1pm


Bushcraft Update: 22nd May 8:30am

The children settled well last night, although the excitement of sleeping in wigwams made for a noisy bedtime! Up at 5:15am and smiling, ready for the day, they're looking forward to tree climbing, pizza making and swimming today after starting on a hearty cooked breakfast. Poppy has already told us that it's a 'fun, exciting adventure'! Pictures to follow, signals permitting! Keep watching for more updates.

Bushcraft Update: 21st May 6:30pm

The children all seem to be very happy and settled and have just arrived at the camp for the evening. Unfortunately, out in the wilderness, there seems to be quite poor signal, so photos may not be as prolific! But we'll keep you updated as much as we can.

Bushcraft Update: 21st May, 11.25am

The children have arrived safely, happy and excited to be there.

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